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Introducing Helloteam

Powerful employee onboarding at your fingertips.

Employee onboarding was broken.
We fixed it.

Helloteam helps you welcome your employees the right way. Make them feel at home and provide them with all the information they need to be operational and engaged on day one.

Thanks to our machine learning algorithms, we continuously improve our surveys and risk analysis. We also assist you in improving your content through our onboarding best practices.

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Run everything from your dashboard
Run everything from your dashboard

Assign, monitor, evaluate.

Our dashboard allows you to actively manage your onboarding process and track your new hires throughout their first year.

Assign new hires to managers and monitor their state of mind through well timed surveys and feedbacks.

The best way to welcome, inform and retain talent.

Helloteam is amazingly simple. As an HR, you have access to your dashboard where you can push content, add new hires, assign managers and track your onboardees as they pass each milestone.

New hires get access to a mobile application which they can access on any device and any platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) before they even set foot inside your company.

With the app, they can learn basic information about the first days and access personalized content such as a welcome message from their manager or an organizational chart of their team.

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Mobile application available on

  • Available on Google Play
  • Available on the App Store
  • Available on Windows Store

Why onboard your employees with Helloteam?

33% of your new hires leave within 3 months

Employee turnover is a reality across industries and companies. New hires are not always fully committed to their new job. Whether they are still deciding on a career path or are eager to make sure they are a right fit for their new company, an average of 1 in 6 new hires leaves each month for the first three months.

Each departure costs between 11,000€ and 27,000€

With each new hire leaving, your company loses money and you lose time. Between all the work and due process you put in to get your employee onboard and the work you will have to do to replace a leaving employee, the cost is astonishingly high.

Onboarding adresses the issues new hires can have with the company

Among the major reasons why new hires leave a company, three particularly stand out : a lack of clear guidelines regarding the job responsabilities, an ineffective training in the first weeks and a unfriendly and unwelcoming environment.

Engage your new hires, recognize their unique contributions

Onboarding is a process not a finished task. To improve it continuously, why not ask the ones who are going through it at regular times?

Built for your HR needs

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Fully customizable

The application can be customized to your company’s image: colors, fonts, and images can be set to create a beautiful, consistent appearance.

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Access a comprehensive dashboard

Control the onboarding process every step of the way with our powerful dashboard. Get an advanced view of every new hire and their sentiment as they pass each milestone.

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Already working with an ATS or HRIS? No problem. We can integrate Helloteam with all the applications & services you already use.

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Give new hires a head start

What if you could start the onboarding process before the first day? Get your new hires up-to-date on company culture, process and tools even before they have set foot inside the company.

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Deliver to everyone, everywhere.

Push your content instantly to your new hires. You’re free to add new content anytime you want and be assured that once you publish it, everyone using the application will see your addition.

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Assign managers

Let managers take care of personalizing content for the new hires such as time and date of arrival and a warm welcome message from the team.